Script for Corporate Presentation

This script was written for a corporate presentation.

The last fifty years have witnessed major metamorphoses in the global chemical industry. Going from being mere solutions in laboratories to becoming integral parts of our daily lives, chemicals have come a long way in assisting mankind’s race towards development.

In India, the chemicals industry contributes to 13% of the GDP and is one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy.

Established in 1990 , Cetex Petrochemicals Ltd is a leading group in the manufacture of Methyl Ethyl Ketone and Secondary Butyl Alcohol in India, commanding a formidable market share of over 60%. In India, Cetex has the distinction of being the only manufacturer of MEK to be ISO 9001-2000, ISO 14001 and OSHAs 18001.

Apart from producing petrochemicals, Cetex is also focused on developing and marketing specialty lube oils like Fuel additives and refinery additives.

Cetex group created Operon biotech, in order to generate bio-tech products that enhance health and lifestyle as well as to train professionals in Bio – Technology.

Cetex Fine Chemicals Limited was created to develop, source and supply reliable, superior quality, and advanced resources for raw materials in the perfumery and pharma sectors in the fine chemicals industry.

The focus of Cetex fine chemicals is on developing, sourcing and supplying fine chemicals for the requirements of Perfumery and Pharma sectors.

Cetex Fine chemicals in the Cetex family is nurtured by its corporate management :

Mr. S. Pattu – Chairman, got his bachelors degree in Mechanical engineering and has a wide range of experience in Building & Operating chemicals, Fertilizers and specialty chemicals plants. He has been in senior management positions in ICI Group of companies, Nagarjuna group, polysindo/ TEXMALO Group in Indonesia, and Hindustan motors.

Mr. S. IlanahaiManaging Director, got his bachelors degree in chemical engineering and Masters Degree in Business administration. He has extensive experience in large chemical plants & petroleum refineries as well as wide exposure in marketing oil products and specialty chemicals for various processing industries.

Cetex’s association with aroma chemicals is seven years long. The aroma chemicals are produced by hydrogenation, which is an environmentally-friendly process. The company has has developed process not only for selective hydrogenation but also complete hydrogentation.

The equipment to manufacture aroma chemicals, at Cetex,  is a sophisticated high pressure hydrogenator, with a high degree of heat and mass transfer capability.

This hydrogenator was supplied by Biazzi, A. G., Switzerland with proprietary agitator and specialized heat exchange facilities. Corresponding utilities and equipment have been installed in the fine chemical plant to produce fine chemical products in large volumes with required quality.

Superior equipment and a highly skilled and efficient workforce have enabled Cetex to launch Cinnamic Alcohol, 3- Phenyl Propanol, Hydro Cinnamaldehyde, Stryrallyl Alcohol, Styrallyl Acetate and Anisic Alcohol that find use in the Perfumery and Pharma sector.

Cetex gives top priority to worker safety and equipment management and has been conferred some of the countries highest awards for following safety standards set by the industry. Cetex is a zero effluent discharge company and has been certified to be an environmentally conscious company.

Cetex Fine Chemicals aspires to be a leading specialty chemical source for customers who look for quality products with cost effectiveness and reliability.

With an aim to a sales turnover of Rs. 300 crores by the year 2012, Cetex Fine Chemicals desires to provide healthy returns to all its stake holders.

This will be achieved by adopting cost effective methods, innovation, creative sourcing, building partnerships and creating novel strategies with a strong and well-knit team of result oriented professionals.

Professional approach, consistent quality and a perfect blend of experience and entrepreneurship are catalysts that drive Cetex to become global players in the arena of fine chemicals.


Script for Flash Presentation

This is a voice over script written for a corporate flash presentation.

Established in 2007 as a subsidiary to William Hare India Limited (WHIL), Hare Information Technology Systems, or HITS, was started with the objective of providing software solutions to William Hare Limited Group. Its parent company William Hare Limited is a UK based global leader in Steel Structural Engineering having over six decades of hard core project management expertise and an annual turnover of £200 million.

HITS’ solutions adopt methods and technologies to convert complex, cumbersome functions and systems into very simple and user-friendly applications. HITS products and solutions have helped customers attain very high levels of productivity, standardization and quality of service. The primary products are IT Helpdesk Manager, Engineering Helpdesk Manager, HITS- Enterprise Resource Planning, karomi Document Management System, and karomiENTERPRISE Workflow and Business Process Management.

These products, along with other products like E-portal and Intranet Server, H – MAC and Management of Training Programme, steer HITS towards realizing its short term goals of addressing the immediate software requirements of WHL Group as well as striving to grow its client base beyond the WHL Group.

In the long term, HITS aspires to evolve into an International software house, with niche products and a unique identity.

IT Helpdesk Manager (version 1.0)

The IT Helpdesk Manager offers an online comprehensive, secure, web-based query tracking solution for logging IT support requests, tracking and monitoring support calls, improving quality of service by reviewing detailed reports and tracking and logging system faults till they are fully resolved.

From appropriate resource planning and deployment and customized reports for the management to provision of central database for clients, helpdesk history and resolution tools, structured workflow, preventive maintenance system and reports that identify problematic systems and peripherals for the helpdesk staff, the IT Helpdesk Manager benefits all users.

As for the end user, this product ensures a standard means of reporting, increased productivity time, better service and above all provides a system to log problems and track their progress online.


Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, was started to provide a basic reporting system for all jobs undertaken by all Departments of WHIL and HITS on behalf of UK and UAE. It tracks projects and ensures that key targets are met.

HITS-ERP overcomes the shortcomings of Timesheet application by updating daily status of projects, based on plans, to keep the activities live and measuring exact status of activities in terms of man hours, tonnage and number of drawings or calculations.

HITS-ERP analyses business performance in a detailed manner, improves efficiency and productivity, simplifies work, increases accuracy and aids the decision making process.


Engineering Helpdesk Manager provides complete and secure online web-based query tracking solution to log engineering works and site related queries, monitor and track queries, improve quality of service by reviewing detailed reports and track and log queries till such time they are fully resolved.

Engineering Helpdesk Manager facilitates savings on hardware and software costs, ensures instant access, and can be deployed in less than 10 minutes.


Karomi document management system, or karomi DMS, is a system that tracks and stores electronic documents and/or images of paper documents and finds wide applicability in the arenas of finance, compliance, customer service, disaster recovery, engineering drawing management, sales management and medical record management.

karomi DMS reduces paper and stationary costs, reduces time spent searching for information, complies with quality standards with ease thus reducing cost of quality compliance, enables easy, convenient and secure sharing of documents across the organization, saves disk space, facilitates long term document accessibility and preservation and ensures access from any location.


The karomiENTERPRISE Workflow Management System is a simple tool that coordinates all aspects of a process, ensuring that it is executed quickly, accurately and efficiently. This system handles e-forms, documents and collaboration needs from a single place.

Enterprises that adopt the karomiENTERPRISE Workflow Management System enjoy process transparency, agility, greater productivity, cost reduction, tighter control and compliance and improved customer service.

Script for Stopmotion Animation Video

This is an AV script I wrote for and their client

With communication being delivered in the blink of an eye, it’s no surprise that your organization has to deal with huge volumes of support requests, every day. But where do these requests go? Do they fall into a growing pile of unanswered questions? Do they end up not being responded to on time? Are they sent to the right people?

Imagine an application that could eliminate all the chaos, centralize requests and put you in control. Presenting Helpdesk Pilot, the simplest software for effective help desk management.

With Helpdesk Pilot, incoming support requests are converted to tickets and then rapidly and accurately routed to specific departments. You can efficiently queue these requests using automated rules that are in line with your business needs.

Want to simplify the process further? You can also assign tickets to relevant help desk staff. Once assigned, your staff can then respond to these tickets promptly.

Identical tickets can be responded to all-at-once using the ‘mass reply’ feature. Are there specific questions that you have answered multiple times in the past? Use ‘canned actions’ to respond in a jiffy with predefined messages.

What’s more, you can maintain notes about tickets that will remain private to the team or tag tickets for later reference.

Ever wondered how you can keep pace with overwhelming volumes of requests? Here’s how. No matter what the status of a ticket, you can track and review its complete history.

But that’s not all. You can stay up to date with all the help desk activity and build your own reports to get insights.

With Helpdesk Pilot your organization can increase efficiency and hasten response time. Respond promptly to every support request you receive, every single day.

Simplify your help desk. Get the Helpdesk Pilot experience.

This was the stopmotion animation video created by Brand New:

Article rewritten from source

Preparing for a student life abroad

Pursuing higher education abroad requires much more than test-writing and score-reporting. It involves a lot of thought and planning in advance that doesn’t seem very obvious on the surface. Whether it is scheduling the different activities required to apply and get admitted to the desired course or the careful financial planning that the whole practice demands, students and their families are often confused and bewildered by it all.

Early Bird Gets the Worm

This much-repeated adage is especially applicable to those who are considering an education abroad. With the endless number of nuances to be looked into, the earlier one starts, the better chance there is of managing it calmly and effectively. At GREedge, we encourage students to follow a plan that looks like this:

<GRE Prep Calendar here>

It is extremely essential that the aspirant takes the tests (GRE/TOEFL) around 10 – 12 months before the start of the course. That will provide ample time to go through the motions thoroughly and with minimum chance of errors or setbacks.


There has been an increasing preference to gain work experience before applying for higher education. This is a good practice as it enhances the subsequent college application. But a frequent error that such individuals make is choosing the wrong course for higher education. The two questions one should ask in such situations are

  • Are the career prospects after the chosen course better than those available now?
  • Is the chosen course related to the bachelor’s degree and the work experience?

It isn’t always necessary to pursue a course that is related to previous education. But it is generally better to follow that logic because it won’t require you to start learning from scratch and your work experience will be considered relevant.

That being said, if one is passionate about the choice of course (even if divergent), the sky is the limit.

It’s all about the Money

The one aspect that has most aspirants flummoxed is the financial planning required to meet the cost of education abroad. Enough and more advice regarding this can be got from different sources but there are a few basics that one shouldn’t diverge from:

  • Try to fund the cost with personal savings as far as possible
  • Plan with the assumption that a tuition fee waiver will not be provided
  • Make an exhaustive list of the trusts that offer scholarships and loans. Some of them include
    • The Aga Khan Foundation
    • Inlaks Scholarships
    • Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship
    • JN Tata Endowment
    • KC Mahindra Education trust
    • Conduct a thorough research of educational loans offered by different banks and do a comparative study of the interest rates, repayment conditions, repayment holiday etc
    • Find out from alumni of that particular college about the scholarships offered by the college

When it comes to overseas funding, there’s a marked difference between funding options offered for various courses. For instance, engineering courses offer funding only after the commencement of the course. Doctoral programs offer financial assistance in the form of stipends, tuition waivers, housing assistance etc. When it comes to MBA programs, one can get funding that ranges from 30 – 100%.

There is a never-ending flow of doubts regarding funding, application, university selection etc. and understandably so. The best way to get a good grip on the entire process is to start early and take the guidance of reputed trustworthy counselors.







Marketing campaign copy – 3

Banner: Try out clothes, try out bikes, try out GRE prep programs???

The doctrine ‘caveat emptor’ (Latin for ‘let the buyer beware’) has never been more zealously followed than it is today. Customers make use of trials to ensure that the product/service they purchase will fulfill their requirements. Why not apply this to your GRE prep programs as well?

Take the ABC trial – a free 10-day trial involving a diagnostic test and scientific feedback of your performance. It will convince you that ABC is precisely what YOU need to boost your GRE scores!

An ABC program is a class apart in many different ways:

  • Personalized coaching – to give you an extra edge over other GRE aspirants
  • Customized study plan – to make daily preparation effortless and feasible
  • Millisecond monitoring – to analyze your learning pattern in detail and facilitate scientific feedback
  • Adaptive tests – to simulate the GRE experience repeatedly till your perfect
  • In-depth feedback – to highlight your strengths and areas of improvement

What’s more – you can prepare with cool learning methods like the ABC toolbar (highlights GRE words from every website you visit providing meanings and antonyms) and the Mobile WordList (build your GRE vocabulary anytime, anywhere using your mobile phone).

With all these features, it’s not surprising that we’ve helped thousands of GRE aspirants achieve their dream GRE score. But don’t take our word for it! Take a free test, get feedback from your personal coach and decide for yourself!Go ahead and register to experience the ABC difference and boost your GRE score!

Marketing Campaign Copy – 2

This was a landing page copy created for a marketing campaign to launch the new website of the company. The copy was accompanied by an image that included logos of IPL, Commonwealth Games and still from Endhiran/Robot all placed side by side. At the end, there was a box with a question mark.

The name of the company has been withheld for reasons pertaining to privacy.

Caption: What’s the next big thing this season???

It’s been a season of huge attention-grabbing, eyeball-popping events. The scintillating IPL, the fantastic  CommonWealth Games and the exhilarating Endhiran/Robot have all had the masses at the edge of their seats. But that’s not all.

There’s more great stuff coming up. It’s brand new, it’s snazzy and it’ll have you sit up and take notice. It’s a whole new way of viewing things. Wondering what it is?

On Sunday, 17th October 2010, a surprise awaits you at 6pm!!!

Log in to ________ at the specified time to find out!

Marketing Campaign Copy

This copy was written for a marketing campaign (theme: Dussehra) to promote online GRE programs. The copy was utilized as landing page content as well as e-mail content.

The name of the company has been withheld for reasons pertaining to privacy.

Is the GRE test proving to be a Ravana-like opponent??

Preparing for the GRE can be tricky unless it’s done right. Much like conquering the ten-headed demon king Ravana. Until you aim right, you can keep shooting and setbacks will keep cropping up. So is there a Brahmastra that can help you conquer the GRE demon? Read on to find out.

You need ten mini-weapons to be able to conquer the GRE demon:

  1. Unlimited GRE-style tests – practice tests just like the GRE to have you better prepared
  2. Anytime anywhere learning – learning that is no longer restricted by location or distance
  3. Personalized coaching – a dedicated coach who provides the individual attention you need to succeed. A tutor who will clear your doubts no matter what the level of difficulty.
  4. Customized study plans – get a flexible study plan chalked out just for you based on your daily schedule and learning requirements.
  5. Regular in-depth feedback – accurate and detailed feedback on your progress and performance in mock tests.
  6. Millisecond score booster – technology that tracks your online learning interaction every millisecond to provide you information on your strengths and areas of improvement.
  7. Learning tracker – software that allows you to learn, take practice tests and ask doubts all in one place!
  8. Vocabpro – a Firefox tool that highlights GRE words in every website you surf, providing synonyms, antonyms and usage examples!
  9. Mobile wordlist – an application that lets you build vocabulary on the go through your very own Java enabled mobile phone
  10. Word of the day – add to your vocabulary every day in an effective way

All these mini-weapons culminate to form your personal Brahmastra – ABC, Asia’s largest online academy that boosts your GRE scores!

Forget about futile attempts and utilize your Brahmastra to conquer the GRE demon!  Add to the Dussehra cheer – enroll with ABC and taste victory!!